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Welcome to the Fernleigh blog. Dental healthcare is certainly not the most interesting discussion topic. It can sometimes evoke unpleasant stories and memories. On the other hand, the right care, delivered in a professional and supportive way, can boost your confidence and make a strong positive impact on your wellbeing. At Fernleigh, we are all about your wellbeing. Our blog aims to highlight the positive aspects of preventative, general and cosmetic dentistry. In keeping with the Fernleigh tradition, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

It’s All In The Smile

It’s All In The Smile

Your smile defines you. It can open doors, break down barriers, and start friendships.
The disarming effect of a smile is well-known.

This is powerful stuff.

At Fernleigh, we work hard to keep your smile in great shape. We encourage regular check-ups and good daily routines. They can make all the difference.

Open new doors. Fly those hurdles. Forge new alliances.

Make your new Fernleigh smile work hard for you.

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