Feeling Nervous?

How we deal with nervous patients

For some people, the thought of a visit to the dentist can cause some anxiety. For others, there is a real fear, brought on by previous experiences, perhaps in childhood. At Fernleigh, we have a comprehensive service package specially designed for nervous patients. The foundation is this service is our deep understanding of how our nervous patients feel, and the many reasons for their fear of visiting the dentist.


We always encourage nervous patients to visit our practice for a chat first, to enable us understand their concerns and anxieties. This visit is not a check-up visit, and is also designed to welcome you to our practice and show you how we work. We take a step-by-step approach to making you feel perfectly at ease, before suggesting treatments. You are also very welcome to come with a friend.


We are confident you will find our entire practice environment welcoming, and our staff very friendly. We will agree specific support arrangements in advance of every treatment. Whilst our soothing music, calm colours, and other background effects will help, we think our expert staff are the main reason why you will feel totally relaxed at Fernleigh.


Please give us a call today to book an initial meeting. Many nervous patients have trusted us, over many, many years.

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